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Your Labrador’s Dog House – How To Choose The Right One

Choosing a dog house can be challenging.

Lab puppies need firm discipline, loving hugs and kisses and a safe place to call home.

Labradors have special coats that give them a waterproof exterior that is tolerant of  water, cold, etc.  However, it can also heat them too much in the warmer months.

They are built for the water and for exercise and activity but they are not great at knowing their own limits which can lead to overheating and dehydration, as well as exhaustion.

If your dog lives primarily outside, the animal needs shelter. It does not need an elaborate set up but it does need shade and water and a place to get in and out of the elements.

Lab puppies need firm discipline, loving hugs and kisses and a safe place to call home.


There are tent type houses, and simple wooden ones with pointed roofs.

There are also incredibly elaborate and beautiful dog houses.  They can be multi-level, furnished, and have multiple exits.

But, realistically there are 2 reasons that this is not going to make sense for you and your Lab.

1. They are large and active and the dog house would have to be huge.

2. They are expensive.  But, what is important that you find something that fits your budget and needs.


You can pay as little as $25 and as much as prices into the thousands.  And, what you choose will depend on where you live and what you can afford.

Be Careful

It is also important to mention that when temperatures and bitterly cold and snowy or extremely hot it is typically unacceptable to leave a Lab outdoors all day and night.  If their house is elaborate and air conditioned, etc. then this is fine. But, most people are not purchasing the type of shelter.  So, be careful not to think that their house is a home for them.  They should have that area in your yard that is theirs for rest, water, etc.  If they sleep outside, be careful to  keep up with the weather. The same goes for the summer time days.

The Final Decision

Get something that you can afford that will keep your dog dry and safe but don’t use it as their primary living space and bring the dog in out of the snow or extreme heat.  No matter what you may intend, you could kill your pet.  So, be aware of that responsibility with your Lab.


If you love your dog, which you do, then you know that taking care of it is a special gift that you can give them every days simply giving them basic care. Your dog is a simple creature who needs love, affection, praise, shelter, food, water and not a whole lot else.  So, give it the best that you possibly can.

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