Videos that Prove Just How Loyal Labs Are

Everyone knows that Labrador Retrievers are as loyal as they are beautiful and smart.  They are often chosen as guide and rescue dogs for this reason and make amazing companions. They can also display a huge amount of love and selflessness toward their owners and other dogs.

Labradors are loyal and loving.

Labs are almost as good as having your own personal superhero! Well, that might be a stretch. But, if you are ever in a bind, a Lab might just save the day.

Here are a few videos that prove just how amazingly loyal and loving Labs are:

1. Labrador Stays By Dying Friend

In this video, you learn about a Black Lab who stayed right next to his dying Yellow Labrador friend until the bitter end.  In spite of the danger that lying in the road presented to him, he chose to stand guard and comfort his buddy.  This video will make you tear up.

Source: prissypen

2. Labrador Retriever Saves Blind Owner

A blind man’s guide dog manages to save him from being run over by the subway.  His devotion to his owner, who fainted and fell, is truly heartwarming.

Source: TomoNews US

3. Lab Brings the Cops to His Ailing Owner

A Labrador owner had passed out on her porch in freezing weather and was on  the verge of death. But, her canine companion would not just sit by and watch.  He ran around the streets until he met a cop and when the cop attempted to catch him, he ran and led the police officer to the ailing lady.  Had this amazing dog not done this, his owner would almost assuredly be dead.

source:  TODAY’S TMJ4

4. A Beautiful Song About Loyal Labradors

This touching song shares the love that this young girl had for her dog.  You’ll love the folk tune and the beautiful voice and the lyrics are lovely.

source: Loyal Labradors LLC

So, there you have it – a few videos that prove what we already know: Labradors rock.  They are some of the best pets that anyone could ever ask for.

Do you have a great Loyal Lab story?  Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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