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Microchip Technology Could Bring Your Lost Lab Home To You

Ask your vet about getting your Labrador microchipped.

When your dog is lost, all you want is to find them safe and sound as quickly as possible. Microchip technology helps give you peace of mind.

A lost dog is a heartbreak that will keep you up nights, cause you get stress, and can eventually lead to a very sad realization that you will not see them again.  In the past, the likelihood of getting your dog back was not high because all that you had were a collar with a tag (hopefully) and posters.

Your resources were limited. But, now, with microchip technology, you can have much better odds of getting your beloved friend back. Find a local vet to insert the chip.

Veterinarians and animal shelters will also have scanners to check the chips of lost pets.  So, if you find a lost dog take it straight to a vet or shelter so they can check for a chip, and hopefully find the dog’s owner.

What is the procedure?

It is not a painful procedure and can be done very quickly.  Having a microchip implanted doesn’t even require anesthesia or local anesthetic as it is about as painful as a shot.  It only needs to be done once and will last the lifetime of the dog.

How Much Does it Cost?

It is likely to be less than $50.  And, if you adopted a pet this may have already been included in your adoption fee.  If they already have one, be sure to have it registered to YOU.

Isn’t a Collar Enough?

Of course, a collar with a tag is a must and may help people find you quickly if your dog gets out.  But, collars and tags can fall off, break or get torn off.  This is particularly likely if you dog is out there “roughing it.”  Think of the microchip inserted under his skin as an insurance policy.


Ultimately, it is an inexpensive procedure that could save you the heartache of a lost pet.  It is almost painless and super simple so there is not really much of a reason NOT to take this step to help keep your pet safe and sound at home with you.


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