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Loving, Beautiful Labradors Come In Many Colors

Two adorable Lab puppies, one black and one yellow.

Did you know? A yellow and a black Lab puppy could easily be born in the same litter!

Are you getting a lab and wondering what color to pick?  I know it is a tough call since they are all so stinking adorable. But, you might want to consider the color of your furniture (no white couch and black dogs!).  Other than that, just pick the color that makes you the happiest.  Or, better yet, pick the guy or gal that you think needs you the most. Rescuing a Lab, or any dog, is an amazing act of kindness and you should always consider adoption first if you can.

Perhaps one of the most fun and lovable things about Labrador retrievers is that there are so many color variations from which  to choose.  They are all indisputably adorable and each color dog has its own physical beauty.  There are 3 basic colors that they can be:

  1. black
  2. chocolate (brown)
  3. yellow (in a wide variety of shades)

Though some people swear that different colored Labs have different personality traits, that is not possible. Their color does not affect their intelligence or disposition and has little bearing on anything other than their pretty, shiny coat. The stereotypes and myths that have gone around are that yellow Labs are dumb and chocolates are hyper, for example.  Anyone who has known two different colored labs can tell you that that is a silly prejudice to have.


The black Labrador retriever is probably the most generally recognized type of Lab.  They are considered the perfect family dog and are absolutely gorgeous with stunning ebony fur.  But, though some people swear it is true, there is no reason to believe that Black Labs are better pets, or easier to train.  It’s just a matter of color preference, guys!


Chocolate Labs have gotten a bad rep as hyper and misbehaving dogs. There is no reason to listen to those silly rumors. They are as sweet as, well… chocolate.

Yellow (from white to golden)

These labs come in a myriad of beautiful colors.  They look nearly white, to a sandy blonde, to a deep gold.  Just as with humans and other creatures, they are beautifully varied.  And, do not let anyone tell you that your yellow fur baby is likely to be less intelligent than his counterparts.

4 Quick Tips for Keeping their Coat Shiny and Stunning

1. Feed them high quality dog food.

Do not feed them table food or cheap generic foods.  A healthy, strong beautiful coat requires nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, in general.  Think about yourself.  Don’t you look better when you feel better? The same goes for your furry friend.

2. Fish Oil is a major game changer…

for a lot of people with dogs because, not only does it help to keep that coat shining, it also prevents fur from falling out.  So, you may be able to sit on the couch without getting your bottom covered in dog hair. Remember, though, I said, “MIGHT!”

3. Brushing and grooming is essential to a healthy coat, of course.

But, unfortunately many people do not want to spend the time or money to get their dogs groomed.  It is totally reasonable to expect to groom a lab at home if you can’t afford a groomer and Labs do not require a great deal of upkeep with their fur.  Keeping them bathed and brushed, and looking out for any skin rashes or dryness is really all that is required to keep your dog looking great.

4.  Try herbal remedies like  horsetail, for  healthy skin, bones, and fur.

Chocolate and yellow lab enjoying a nice day outside.

Chocolate labs have a stunning, brown coat that make them stand out. Yellow labs can be almost white to a deep golden color.

Spirulina contains protein, B vitamins, and carotenoids. Be very careful with these products, however, and always check with your vet about dosages and let them know that your dog is taking these herbs.  Herbs are not prescription medicine, but they still have side effects and can be very harmful if misuses.


So, listen up!  The dog will not be any smarter, any more aggressive, any less likely to pee in the house or better with kids based on the color of its coat.  Don’t buy into the hype.  Labs are generally gentle, loving and loyal pets regardless of their color.

Once you pick out your cutie, you will soon  see that even if all of their fur fell out, you would love them just the same.

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