Labradors To The Rescue: 8 Amazing Stories Of Canine Heroes


Anyone who has a Lab knows that they are some of the most loving, loyal and obedient pets that you could ever have. They are also smart and have amazing instincts for protecting people.  That is why they are often used as rescue dogs, therapy dogs or seeing eye dogs.

Here are 8 stories of times that Labradors went above and beyond in service of mankind.  They’ll make you want to go find your pooch and give him or her a big smooch.

1. Endal

Labradors are known for being exceptionally loyal and hard-working dogs.

Labrador Retriever’s TRULY are Man’s Best Friend.

In spite of  a debilitating joint condition in his front legs, Endal was  accredited as an assistance dog in the late 90’s.  His intelligence and obedience allowed him to learn to respond t over a hundred commands and carry out duties such as shopping, pressing buttons, flipping switches and handling chores around the house. Perhaps his most amazing feat of heroism was when he watched his owner get hit by a car.  He put the man into a recovery position, found the man’s phone, got him a blanket and then began to bark loudly for help.   He became well known for this act of heroism.  By the end of his illustrious and long career Endal had been honored with many  awards, including: Local Hero Award, Assistance Dog of the Year, PDSA Gold Medal, and a Lifetime Achievement Award. But, the greatest reward that he could have ever gotten was the love and companionship that he found with humans. Nothing makes a Lab happy like feeling that they have been of service.

2. Nellie

When a burglar broke into the house, Nellie woke her owner, alerting her to the danger.  She used her emergency signal since the owner was deaf. She then put herself physically in between the possible danger and her owner’s kids until she knew that all was clear.  Had she not alerted her owner, there would have been no way that they would have heard the intruder.  They might not have noticed the intruder until it was far too late.  But, the most charming part of the story is her instinctual protection of the children in the house.

3. Zanjeer

Zanjeer was Labrador Retriever who served as a bomb  dog for the Mumbai Police. He aided in the recovery of numerous guns, over 200 bombs and 600 detonators throughout his working life.  He also alerted his handlers of danger in order to stop potential bombings at least three separate times. He was given a state funeral. He was honored at his burial as a national hero.

4. Jake

Jake was an American search and rescue dog, who worked for 17 days at Ground Zero following the September 11th attacks.  He also worked with rescue teams after both Hurricane Katrina & Hurricane Rita.  He retired and became a training dog for younger trainees and then as a therapy dog.  What a life’s work he had!


5. Orlando

This black Labrador jumped out onto the train tracks after his blind owner passed out and fell.  Orlando tried to wake his owner, even though a train was coming.  He then waited by his side, laying on the tracks watching the oncoming train, but he never budged.  His owner was rescued and hospitalized and his canine companion never left his owner’s side.

6. Kaze

Kaze worked for the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department. On his first-ever rescue mission, Kaze located a missing womam under a bridge, in a coma.  She was rushed to the hospital and survived.  But, without Kaze she would have almost certainly died.  He sure started his career off right!  The woman he saved is most certainly grateful to the newbie on the job who saved her life.

7. Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was a truly nightmarish ordeal for a large part of the Southern part of the US.  But, as always, amazing canines were out “in the trenches” working to keep their  human friends safe. Katrina, and ironically name black Lab saved a drowning man during Hurricane Katrina.  She had to be rescued herself later and was honored with a Genesis Award that year.  She even got a standing ovation at the ceremony.

8. Patty

Patty was a yellow Lab Retriever who saved her owner on a duck hunting trip. After Ray Fogg’s boat capsized, he fell into the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.  Patty let her owner grab onto her tail and pulled him, against the current, to the nearest land.   He would have surely frozen to death and/or drown if it were not for the quick-thing pup who loved him so.


Labs have long been celebrated as an exceptional breed.  They are known for their uncanny obedience and undying loyalty.  They will do just about anything to keep the humans around them safe.  And, they are rewarded by having become one of the most beloved breeds in the country.   These 8 Labrador Retrievers truly went above and beyond and changed the lives of people and families with their heroic deeds and selflessness in the face of danger.


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