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Introducing Your Labrador To A Feline Friend

Every pet is different so some dogs will immediately be fond of the cat while the cat wants nothing to do with the dog.  Or, the Lab may take a while to warm up to the cat who is super curious about him.  But, generally, Labs are easily trained and will learn quickly that the cat is one of his “pack.”  If you’re nervous about their first few meetings, read on for some tips on how to help them get comfortable around one another.

Bringing Home A New Pet

It is likely that your Lab will be curious about the new animal. He or she may be quite excited to meet their new friend.  But, if you throw them together too quickly, their relationship may start off on the wrong foot. Avoid any interactions between your pets that you worry will end in any sort of altercation because they will become habit.  It is always best to introduce pets slowly and gradually without too much pressure.

 Labs and Cats

Labrador Retrievers adjust easily to new pets.

Labradors are known for their gentle personalities and are generally very good with other animals, including cats.

Confine the cat to one large with room litter box, food, etc. Feed your Lab and the kitty on each side of the door to this room as this will create a positive correlation (food!!) with the scent of each other. This will help all of them to associate something enjoyable (eating!) with each other’s smells.  Next, prop open the door just a crack so that the animals can not just smell, but also see one another, while they eat.

After this has been done successfully, allow the cat free reign to explore the dog while the dog is still on their leash and you are closely monitoring.  Give your dog praise and treats when he is calm.  If the cat becomes frightened, the situation should stop.  If the dog is too excitable, separate them.


The first impressions that these two have on one another must be positive or they will be set up for a long life of tension and stress. So, try to manage the situation so that it can be positive for both pets. If they associate one another with enjoyable things like eating and the dog gets treats for being gentle with the cat, this will become their norm and they will like another.  But, just one or two “fights” early on may cause trouble for years to come.


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