Finding The Right Doggy Daycare For Your Best Friend


In the past, when you went out of town, most people kenneled their dog at the vet.  But, over time, the concept of a more full-service enjoyable experience for your dog has become popular and taken root in America.  These are sometimes called pet resorts, as well. But, they are just more centered around the dog having fun and feeling safe than simply protecting and feeding your dog as well as walking it a couple of times a day, as it tended to be at the kennel.

How Much Does it Cost?

There is a range, of course. But, on average, they are $40 a night or so and they typically offer discounts on extended stays.  So, it might cost you $10 or so a day more than a kennel but your dogs will be much happier and you will feel much less guilt about leaving them behind when you go.

What If My Dog is Passive and Calm?

Dogs love company and playing together is amazing exercise.

Doggy daycare is a great way to socialize your Lab and help them learn to get along with all types of other dogs.

This is a repeated question we are getting and an important concern for dog owners. If you are at a good facility, they will have a special setting in which your dog can stay.

This little group of dogs might be seniors, or disabled, or just slower moving and very submissive. It is not acceptable if your daycare tells you that your Lab will have to be in with all of the other dogs.

Doggy daycare is a wonderful way for your lab dog to socialize and get along with all types of other dogs. On the other end your dogs needs should be put in first priority.

How Can I Tell if the Facility is a Safe Place for My Dog?

The facility should be clean and should offer reasonable individual needs.  They should administer medications, make sure that your dog is fed and exercised.

The people at the facility should be warm with the dogs – but firm.  Your dog will also let you know whether or not he or she likes it from a quick walk around. Many of them provide webcam video of their facilities, as well.

Check out facilities that friends recommend and find one that seems geared toward the things that your dog is.  Some have water play areas, for example, while others might have a larger running area. Some may offer more free play time for the dogs outside while another is far more structured. There is one out there that will fit your needs. Just look around.


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