Adopt a Labrador

Adopting a Labrador Retriever with a Handicap

Adopted handicapped dogs need love and a lot of attention but make amazing pets.

Though the vet bills may be a bit higher, the love will also be exponentially bigger with a handicapped adoptee.

First, even considering adopting a pet who has a handicap is a wonderful thing.  It is not for everyone or every family but when people can take in an “unadoptable” pet is always an act of kindness and mercy that the dog never forgets.  Pets with even small handicaps may be euthanized because no one wants to be bothered with an “imperfect” animal. This is a shame because most Labs, given proper guidance, can overcome many handicaps. You would probably be amazed at how many animals out there today (not just dogs!) that get around their handicaps with very little trouble.


Don’t believe it?  Take a look at these videos:

source: HandicappedPets .com

Source: zipkunda

The most important thing is that you have patience with your Lab. They are bright, strong and eager to please so they will be easily trained and guided on how to live without certain abilities.

What About Dogs Who Can’t Use a Wheelchair to Help with their Handicap?

Deaf dogs can be taught signs for all of their commands.  Blind dogs can learn their way around their home with practice.  Dogs missing limbs, tails, eyes and more have been known to live very full and happy lives. There is no reason at all that they should be put to sleep when all that they need is a loving home and someone who cares enough to work with them,

Is It Right For YOU?

As mentioned before, adopting a handicapped pet is not for everyone. For example, if you have a few kids who require a great deal of time and attention, then you may not have the time that your handicapped pet would need.  It can also be expensive to care for a handicapped pet so you should consider your budget.  If you travel often, these are not the types of pets who can be left at the kennel a lot and they will need you home more than some other dogs might.

If you cannot afford, or do not have the time, to adopt a handicapped Lab, then click here to see what animals you might be able to help with a small donation.  Every little bit helps.



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