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7 Videos That Prove That Labs are Heroes

Labradors are, without a doubt, heroic canines with a desire to help and serve mankind. They will risk their lives to help out their owners, or strangers, for that matter.  And, many have died considered national heroes within their own country.  They are used worldwide from America to India to Italy as service dogs and rescue dogs.  They are also great at picking up on things that don’t seem “right” about people.

Labs Can Serve As:here is the list:

Labs are family dogs who are great with kids.

Labs are widely regarded as one of the best pets that you can possibly have. They are obedient, kind, great with kids, and always ready to help.

Here is the list:

  1. Seeing eye dogs
  2. Search and rescue dogs
  3. Bomb and gun detecting dogs
  4. Hearing ear dogs
  5. Therapy Dogs
  6. Lifeguards
  7. Elderly Helpers
  8. Diabetes Identifiers
  9. GREAT judges of character

In short, they can do it all… and they love their work.  But, helping others is just a part of who they are.  It makes them feel important and gives them opportunities to bond with their owners, get praise and enjoy a life of activity and joy.

The following videos prove what we all already know.  Labradors are heroes!

Amazing Heroic Labrador Retrievers in Action

1.Heroic Rescue Dog

This amazing pup worked so hard saving the lives of humans after a terrible earthquake in South America that he died from exhaustion.  In general, Labs are known not to know their own limits as far as overheating or overworking. They are strong and energetic.  But, when your dog has been exercising or outdoors for a long time, be sure to keep any eye out for signs that they are getting overtired.

2. Heroes

This video compilation showcases Labradors at their finest.  They are some of the bravest and hard-working canines in the world. They make both great pets and amazing service animals.  They love people and are always happiest when in service of others.  Their desire to be useful and to work is strong and they, like humans, feel best when they have a clear purpose. (Source: SC Videos, YouTube)

3. Sea Dogs

The “Sea Dogs” in Italy have been trained to save swimmers, boaters and people in trouble. They save humans, other animals and even their trainers, when the need arises.  They are hard-working and courageous Italian public servants that deserve to be appreciated and honored for their sacrifices. It makes sense that they would be employed as ocean rescuers, since they come from a long line of “water dogs” and have webbed feet and a waterproof coat.  (Source:

4. Rescue Training

Here is a video that will show you how a Lab can be trained to save a drowning or endangered swimmer.  Their instincts to help and protect humans are so strong that training is not always necessary. Plenty of Labradors with no training at all have saved people in trouble. It is in their blood! With training, their natural strength, loyalty and bravery can be honed into some really phenomenal rescue skills. (Source: Crufts, YouTube)

5. Dog Saves Baby from Nanny

This Labrador knew something was not right with his human’s baby’s sitter and was committed to protecting his little “pup.”  He tried to let his adult owners know that their baby was in danger by barking and acting aggressive toward the sitter when she arrived at the house. It was not long until the parents felt suspicious, since their dog was normally friendly. They set up a recording device and found out that the nanny was abusing the child both emotionally and physically. (Source: shonekapone, YouTube)

6. Heroic Lab Rescue

This amazing Labrador Retriever jumped out into the water to retrieve two friends who were stranded in a canoe.  He dragged the boat, with two canines aboard, to shore.   The dogs in the boat were grateful for his help.  But, he didn’t mind.  He loved being able to help out. (Source: Emotional Mojo, YouTube)

7.Blind Labrador Hero

 A blind yellow Labrador Retriever saved his drowning owner, even though he could not see her. He used all of his other senses in tandem to rescue the girl. Labs are committed to their goals and would never let something as tiny as a little eyesight issue keep them from looking out for a human companion, or another dog, for that matter. (Source: Questar Video, YouTube)

These videos show us that these brilliant, kind and obedient dogs are truly “man’s best friend.” But, they are also every bit as timid and loving as they are brave and courageous. It is that balance between their amazing skills and strength and their patient and sweet dispositions that make them some of the best dogs around.

Worldwide, they are recognized as amazing creatures with a lot of skills. They are used for a wide variety of purposes.  Their owners and trainers are always proud to show off what they can do and grateful for their dedicated service.  There are some who say Black Labs are the smartest and best rescue dogs. But, as you can see from above, Labrador heroes come in every color.

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