Celebrities With Labradors

25 Labrador Loving Celebrities

There’s no doubt about it that Labs are some of America’s most beloved pets.  Many American children have fond memories of their family Labrador.  They are in a million family portraits. They grace the cover of newspapers with their well-known owners.  In short, everyone loves Labs.

Why are Labs so Lovable?

Adorable Labrador puppies are irresistibly sweet.

How can you not love a face like this?

But, why is that?  What makes these dogs so great?  Well, since you asked:

  1. They have THE MOST endearing eyes and face.
  2. Obedience is their greatest passion.  All that they want to do is make their owners happy.
  3. Loving Labradors are easily able to bond with humans and can truly be best friends.
  4. Energetic as they are, they are also awesome for using as pillow as you watch TV.
  5. Smart is an understatement when it comes to Labrador Retreivers.
  6. They are notoriously easy to train.  The combo of intelligence, obedience, and a loving nature make them eager to learn and excited to spend time with their owners bonding.
  7. They are great with kids.
  8. Labs thoroughly enjoy human companionship and will love nothing more than spending time with you.  While all dogs crave that type of company, Labs truly want to be a part of the family, are interested in what you are doing and eager to be of service.
  9. Cuddly canines
  10. Funny and always making  their owners laugh.

Celebs Who Love Their Labradors:

  1. Drew Barrymore – She adores her Yellow Lab named Flossie.
  2. Jennifer Garner – Jenn loves to go on walks with Yellow Lab Martha
  3. Steve Martin – Yellow Lab named Roger
  4. Sarah McLachlan – Her Black Labrador named Rex goes on tour with her.
  5. Mary Kate Olsen – The fashion designer has a Chocolate Lab named Luca
  6. Edie Falco – Marley – Her sweet Lab & German Sheperd Mix was a rescue.
  7. Hulk – The former restler has a Yellow Lab named Rosello.
  8. Sandra Bullock – Her Yellow Labrador named Spinee is great with her son.
  9. Prince Charles – He has always loved Labs, as do many British people.  They are globally adored breed.
  10. Minnie Driver – Her Black Lab named Bubba loves to spend time at the beach with the family.
  11. Robert Downey, Jr.’s lab has been caught making funny faces by the paparazzi!
  12. Blake Shelton loves all animals, and is a real lover of dogs.  He loves his lab.
  13. Pamela Anderson – She is a dog lover and her backdoor opens up to the beach so her lucky pup can run around in the sand anytime.
  14. Tommy Hilfiger – His Lab is named Oliver.
  15. Betty White – The comedy legend loves these funny, smart canines.
  16. Ann Hathaway – Esmerelda is a really cool name to give a Lab!
  17. Oprah Winfrey loves Cocker Spaniels, which she is known for. But, she also adores  her Labradors..
  18. Bill Clinton – Chocolate Labrador named Buddy (see video below)
  19. Miranda Lambert – Waylan was once hers and Blake’s and who got custody is not clear.
  20. Diane Kruger loves Labs.
  21. Arnold Schwarzenegger (see video below)
  22. Anushka Sharma (see video below) and many other Indian celebrities love Labs.
  23. Gwyneth Paltrow – She has a beauiful Black Lab named Holden.
  24. Kevin Costner owns a stunning Yellow Lab.
  25. Dick Cheney – Jackson and Dave are Black and Yellow and look absolutely perfect standing next to each other in portraits. Their contrast is so beautiful!

Labradors are great dogs for busy people like Dick Cheney or Oprah and they are awesome pets with people with kids, like Jennifer Garner.  They love to be active, which is probably why the “Governator” always has his Chocolate Labrador out with him.  Beach lovers like Pamela Anderson and Minnie Driver enjoy taking their Labrador Retrievers  out for a run and a possible game of catch in the sand.  Since they love water, they are fantastic vacation companions.   As always, the point is that Labs are the best pets!

A Few Fun Facts about Labradors:

  1. They can get up to speeds of 12 mph in 3 seconds.  They are fast runners!
  2. All 3 colors can be born within the same litter.
  3. Legend has it that Pep “The Cat-Murdering Dog”  (black Lab) was sentenced to serve jail time in the Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania on August 12, 1924.  supposedly, the state Governor used his powers to have the dog locked up after he killed his wife’s beloved cat. However, he denied this.  He claimed that he had sent the dog there as a mascot for the prisoners in hopes of raising spirits,  Either way, the dog lived at the jail for 10 years and even hardened criminals loved him!
  4. They are widely known to be rescue dogs and amazing services dogs but they can also help to protect people from deadly diseases.  They can sniff out and smell some forms of cancer in patients! Seriously!


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Still can’t get enough about celebs and their Labs? Check out some celebrity Labrador videos below:

Bill Clinton’s dog Buddy was a beloved canine who was loved by the whole nation. The chocolate Lab was adorable and very obedient.  This video shows the bond that the president had with his pooch.

This Bollywood star loves her yellow Labrador. She is known to sing to her dogs.

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