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14 Amazing Facts About Labrador Retrievers

Labradors are adorable and sweet and funny and obedient and intelligent and on and on and on we can go with the list of reasons why Labs rock.

They make fantastic pets and are often used as search and rescue, therapy, or guide dogs.  But, they have some amazing skills, behaviors and characteristics that you are likely to be surprised to hear.

Amazing Facts:

Mother Labs adore their puppies. So sweet.

Labradors are amazing pets who are affectionate, obedient and friendly.

Here are facts you will be surprise to find out:

1.The first dog to detect diabetic episodes was trained in 2003.

It was trained to smell the chemical changes that happen when hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) occurs within the human body. He was a Lab!  They are both smart and desire to help humans and please their trainers.

2. A Labrador named Jake became a widely loved American Hero.

He became a celebrity after helping with the search for survivors at Ground Zero for 17 days after that 9/11 Tragedy. He did the same type of work after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  In his old age,he became a therapy dog for the elderly.  There’s that loving nature we all know and appreciate about these dogs.

3. Those bred to be shown are stocky with broad skulls and short muzzles.

 They also have heavier bones and thicker tails than their non-show dog counterparts.

4.  Labs bred to be working dogs are agile, more athletic and have longer legs.

Their muzzles are pointed and they do not always have the double coat that Labs are known for. They are also known to be more active.

5. Labrador retrievers are, quite literally, made for the water.

They have webbed toes a tail that can double as a rudder and steer them like a boat and a double coat that makes them basically waterproof.  Think of them as being a bit like the dog version of ducks. The coat is composed of an outer layer of dense, long hair and an under layer of soft fuzzy fur. The inner layer is a warming layer while the outer layer lays flat to seal the coat.  The natural oils in its fur naturally repel water.  All together, these factors mean these dogs may as well be wearing wet suits

6. The largest single-breed dog walk was in 2010, and involved 700 Polish Labradors.

I hope some were puppies.  Cause… well… puppy breath, right?

7. A yellow Labrador was the surrogate mother of the first cloned puppy.

His name was Snuppy.

8. Labradors have an extremely high pain tolerance…

…which is a part of why they make such great search and rescue dogs, among other things.

9. UK Labrador, Tubby has recycled over 26,000 plastic bottles in the last six years on his daily walks.

He crushes them with his teeth and gives them to his owner who bags them for him.  What a great job for him!  Labs love to feel useful, after all.

10. A labrador/boxer cross named Jimpa walked 3,218 km across Australia to get home after his owners lost him.

They are smart, intuitive, and love their owners.  They are loyal beyond reason and will do just about anything in hopes of getting back to the humans that they love. This bond is what makes having a dog so special. Labradors are certainly easy to love.

11. Vladimir Putin’s favorite dog was a Black Lab named Koni.

She given to him as a gift in 2000. He used to take her to meetings and she would sneak on stage with him while he was giving speeches

12. The record for the longest jump that a Labrador retriever has made is 27 feet.

That is over 2 feet!  Their agility and athleticism never fail to amaze and delight.

13. All 3 colors of Labrador retriever can be born within the same litter.

And, you thought you were a Lab expert, didn’t you? Admit it. There were some things that you didn’t know.  These dogs are amazing in so many ways that it is hard to believe that they almost went extinct at one point. Oh, make that 14 things you didn’t know!  That’s right. They almost went extinct.  Laws, taxes and other seemingly unrelated things almost cause their extinction. But, people saw something in this dog and actively worked to preserve the breed.

So, 14!  They are at least 14 ways that the Labrador Retriever is an extremely special breed worthy of breeding and continued preservation.  They are amazing animals with a vast array


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Now, just because they are so cute, here are a couple of adorable videos that demonstrate some of the amazing abilities and features of this fascinating canines.


They are amazing with kids, babies, other animals and the elderly…


They can even get along with tigers, for goodness sake…


They are amazing with cats and kittens and have been known to adopt them as “their own” and look after them.  Heck, the guy above adopted a tiger.  It’s this adorable, loving spirit that warms our Labrador loving hearts, right?

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