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11 Heartwarming And Hilarious Labrador Videos That Will Make Your Day

The best thing about a Labrador Retriever is how darn adorable they are.  They are sweet tempered and obedient and handsome animals with beautiful coats and sensitive eyes.  They have it all!  They have long been everyone’s favorite pooch, and for good reason.  Gotta love em. They are so much fun to have around.

And, the following 11 videos show just how true that is.  From parenting their pups to ratting out their friends, these Labs all prove why they are some of the most beloved pets in America.


  1. Mama Lab Takes Care of Babies

How sweet is this Mama Pup looking after her newborns,  She is a great mother and her puppies are sure to be every bit as wonderful of a pet as she has been to her owners.  This video also demonstrates the depth of her owner’s love for her as she narrates in the background and helps the mother dog whenever she needs it.  So sweet!  (Source: BritishLabradors, Youtube)


2. Sweet Chocolate Lab Misses Her Mama

His mother (human mom, that is) is at work and all he can think of is how much he wishes she were home.  While his dad watches videos of his wife training the dog, he can’t look away. His expressive eyes say, “WHEN IS SHE COMING HOME??” Is there anything cuter than that? (Source: Greg’s World, Youtube)


3. There is that Labrador Intellect!  2 month old puppy with so many tricks already!

This video illustrates how smart, loving and obedient this amazing breed is.  This pup is still only 2 months old but can do 7 tricks.  There’s also a lot of puppy kisses and cuddles for his owner in this video.  Sigh… so precious.  Can’t you just smell the puppy breath? (Source: zayazpell, Youtube)

4. Cuteness Overload

OK, so it’s a puppy playing with a ball… and it is really, really adorable.  You are welcome, friend. (Source: rajdeep gupta, Youtube)


5. Getting Downstairs

Watching your puppy learn and grow is similar to raising a child. They meet new challenges every day and are sometimes hesitant when scary new tasks pop up.  But, they are smart and strong animals who figure things out quickly and easily.  He’ll be bounding down those stairs in no time. (Source: Chris Credendino, Youtube)

6.  Yummy!

Dog + Ice cream cone = CUTE & FUNNY.  This pup’s first trip to Dairy Queen was an unmitigated success!  But, remember, human food treats should be few and far between. Your dog needs balanced nutrition that will help keem strong and healthy.  Ice cream might be a special treat for his or her birthday…? (Source: Gregs’ World Youtube)

7. It’s OK. Siblings argue all of the time!

They are fighting over a toy, and then a different toy, and then just seem to be fighting.  But, brothers and sisters do  these things and they always make up.  These two will be best buddies again in no time.  As a matter of fact, they probably aren’t even mad, but just playing.  It’s important to read the behavioral signs and be aware of your pets when they are fighting but as long as it is play fighting it is nothing to worry too much about. (Source: Greg’s World, Youtube)


8. Growing Up Labrador

Watch  this adorable little guy grow.  It’s amazing transformation!  What a difference a year makes!  From puppy to dog… (Source: Seth Morris, YouTube)

9.  Poor guy is scared of a stuffed animal!

Labradors are loyal and protective. If they sense that their home or their family is in danger, they are quick to jump to the rescue.  They are awesome search and rescue dogs, after all. But, this poor guy got tricked!  There’s no threat! But, once he realizes he has a new toy he is happy as can be.  So, all’s well that ends well, right? (Source: Greg’s World, YouTube)

10. It wasn’t me!!

This dog passed gas but refused to take the blame and even started pointing fingers at other family members.  (Just fess up!  You farted!  Your owners will still love you!) But, the best part is that he actually sounds like he is speaking real words.   He is the funniest.  Are you kidding?  Try not to laugh. I dare you. (Source: Cindy Burns, YouTube)

11.  Labrador snitches on his sister.

Well, so much for having each other’s back. This black Lab could not snitch on his sister fast enough.  What a sell out! But, it’s pretty funny watching him point her out as the culprit of eating the cookies off of the counter.  It’s just so funny.  I love when dog siblings bicker, or tell on each other.  It reminds me of human kiddos. (Source: Harley and Loa Alex Hutchinson, YouTube)


Well, there you have it.  Heart = warmed.  Am I right?  No need to thank me, just share this so everyone can enjoy them!


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